Malen Pierson award winning sculptor

    The multi-talented Malen Pierson can best be described as a folk artist, a collector of found objects, and a true innovator when it comes to the integration of old tools, farm equipment, antiquities, and all forms of metal. Few people have the creative vision to see what discarded items can become. Yet Pierson skillfully practices the art of fusion – weaving rare and abandoned metals, tools, and recycled materials into highly desirable art forms.
Malen’s artistic success is due to his truly unique welding and assemblage process. His style incorporates a dense composition of various metals and found objects into full sized horses, moose, goats, buffalo, herons, and other farm animal sculptures. His paintings also explore his sense of whimsical fancy, and are 3-dimensional in their multi-layers and varied textures.

Born in Fontana, California in 1969, Malen had a passion for art from an early age, exploring drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. This artistic quest took him to Utah State University, where he more seriously pursued his artistic passions.
Malen and his wife Wendy both fell in love with the mountains and rich landscape of Utah, and eventually settled in Lewiston, a scenic small town at the base of the Wasatch Mountains about an hour north of Salt Lake City. There Malen drew on his artistic vision, converting a 1926 train station property into an art studio and loving home for his wife, and the two children, Sky (7) and Soli (4), who followed thereafter.
It is evident that this idyllic property belongs to an artist. Dotted throughout the Pierson’s front and back yards are striking metallic assemblages, an assortment of raw materials awaiting his unique transformation, and several other large Pierson projects and paintings in progress.
Malen is prolific in his devotion to all things – family, community, and his tireless dedication to his art. He has sold more than 500 pieces of his work, which are now housed in local, national, and international private collections, including those of Robert Redford and Martha Stewart. In 2000, the internationally known Sundance Film Festival, honored Pierson by requesting that he design and produce all of the awards for that year’s prestigious celebration of film.
Pierson has also been asked by galleries across the country to stage one-man shows, including private exhibitions in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Green River, Wyoming; Park City, Utah; and the Children’s Museum in Pueblo, Colorado. Recently, one of Malen’s large moose was installed as a public sculpture on Main Street in downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Malen Pierson’s work can be found in many galleries across the country, including those listed below. Clients interested in purchase and/or commissions may also contact Malen via his website.


  • Robert Redford. UT
  • Christy Walton. Jackson Hole, WY
  • Queen Latifah. Beverly Hills, CA
  • John & Laura Taylor. Oklahoma City, OK
  • Sean Perry. Beverly Hills, CA
  • Kevin Toner. NYC, NY
  • Terry Lazin. Paradise Valley, AZ
  • John Kelly. London, England
  • Elaine Frost. London, England


  • 2008 Beverly Hills -- Affair In The Garden -- Best of Show"
  • 2001 Award of Merit. Utah Arts Council
  • 2000 Sundance Film Festival
  • 1991 1st Prize -- Scottsdale Contemporary Art Festival
  • 1991 1st Prize -- Buffalo Art Festival

Charities Supported

  • Jackson Hole Conservatory
  • Best Friends Sanctuary. Kanab, UT
  • SPLORE (benefitting handicapped children) Salt Lake City, UT